LoJac Award Winner - 2016

Lindsay Sircy December 19, 2016 at 14:01 PM


2016 LoJac Christmas Dinner






We hosted our annual LoJac Christmas dinner for salaried employees at the Capital Theatre again this year and it was a wonderful evening spent with co-workers. LoJac takes this time to thank employees for another year of a job well done, hand out some well-deserved awards and celebrate the Christmas season. Congratulations to our 2016 recipients!


Coonhunter Award


The Coonhunter Award was created in memory of the late James (Coonhunter) Graham, and it recognizes the hourly employee who best exemplifies loyalty, pride in work, and unselfish devotion in getting the job done. All of these were characteristics of James Graham and it is fitting that we now present an award in his memory to employees to do show these characteristics. Congratulations to our recipients!




                                                                       Jerry Oaks


Andy “RoHo” Grissom

                                                                   Scott Grammons




Golden Arrowhead


We started the Golden Arrowhead Award of Excellence in 1987.  This group of special people demonstrates the dedication and work excellence that have made LoJac a leader in our industry. It is presented to individuals who exemplify the characteristics of a team player and hard worker, all while keeping a can do attitude. Specially designed plaques in honor of all recipients have been placed in our Main Office.. This award is one where the recipients are nominated by their peers. Congratulations to our recipients!




LoJac Administrative Team


Mark Williams


Nic Morris



LoJac Materials


George West



  LoJac Enterprise


Mark Holland


Paul Mofield


 Kevin Blair



                                                                           Ground Up


Lincoln Young


All-American Award


In 1997 we started a new award that recognizes the people who are LoJac’s Best Team Players.   We all know that in order to have a great team you need to have All-American players.  We honor and appreciate the contributions these All-Americans add to our company. Congratulations to our recipients!

                                                                       Bryan Carr


Daniel Ray




Retirement Award


This award is presented to honor the individuals who have retired with us this year. Their service to our company built us into the company we are today and we honor the legacy they leave behind.


 J.L. Hibdon











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