About Us

Minority-owned since its beginning in 1983, LoJac Inc. provides high quality services and materials to the construction industry throughout the Southeast. Our years of experience in major highway and road construction allow us to provide our customers with excellent service and materials they can trust. Some of our services include: grading, production and placement of sign fabrication and installation, concrete paving and rehabilitation. In addition, we also produce and supply a wide range of high quality masonry products such as block, brick, stone and sand. We have successfully completed many unique projects, including shopping centers, airport runways, and major private projects. Our goal is to provide outstanding results that showcase our expertise, quality products, and timely completion of each project, leaving our customers with a positive and lasting impression.


As a minority-owned company with Native American heritage, LoJac is guided by strong business ethics and integrity. Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality materials and services. Our employees’ commitment to this mission is demonstrated through excellent customer service, hard work, and innovation as we continue to contribute to the growth of our nation’s infrastructure as well as the construction industry in Tennessee and throughout the Southeast.



LoJac Inc. was organized and incorporated in the State of Tennessee.

April 1983

LoJac Safety Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of LoJac Inc., was organized.

June 1983

LoJac Enterprises Inc. was organized in March 1986 and acquired the Nashville paving division of McDowell Enterprise, Inc.

March 1986

In 1987, LoJac started a grading division to complement paving operations.

April 1987

LoJac Materials Inc. was organized in April 1987 through the acquisition of Wilco Block Company.

April 1987

LoJac materials Inc. opened an office and stockyard in Cookeville, Tennessee.

August 1999

LoJac Materials Inc. acquired Brown’s Concrete and Block, making it the largest concrete block producer in Middle Tennessee

April 2011

LoJac partnered with Ground Up Recycling to develop and grow a shingle recycling business across Middle Tennessee.

January 2014

LoJac formed a joint venture with Alley Cassetty making us the largest concrete producer in Tennessee

January 2015

Rockwood Recycling began as an expansion of Ground Up Recycling for the processing of wood waste, tires, and other materials for the beneficial use of waste to energy and other recycling end use.

August 2016