LoJac offers a wide variety of pipe camera services, where we can insert our camera systems to inspect pipes for cracks, leaks, blocks, or other issues. Inspections with a camera are surgically precise, making them quicker and more cost effective than alternative methods of inspection. Pipe camera inspections are complex and required specialized equipment and the professional operators to use it. LoJac can provide assistance with any pipe camera services you may need for your new construction or existing project, no matter how big or small.

LoJac is your committed partner in every step of your excavation or piping project, from initial mapping or inspection to the final build and installation. Our subsurface utility engineering, pipe camera service, hydro-excavation, and hydro jetting services work in tandem to provide you with a comprehensive experience from start to finish.

CCTV Pipe Inspection

A technique of utilizing CCTV video cameras to visually inspect pipes, stormwater lines, and sewer lines for cracks, infractions, blockages, and other defects in the line. This method is carried out by inserting our camera system into an opening in the utility line, either manually or with the help of remote control, which gives a video feed of the pipe's inside to an on-location screen for review.

How Does CCTV Inspection Work?

The initial step of carrying out a CCTV video pipe inspection is to locate or make an entryway where the camera can be brought down into the line. When the camera is brought down into the line, it will give us a clear visual of the condition of the line and what is inside the pipe. An automated crawler is controlled from outside the line by viewing the crawler camera on a screen. A push camera, utilized for lines 6" or smaller in diameter, is a smaller camera that is pushed through the line by hand. A CCTV video pipe inspection can give data on the current condition of the utility line and recognize blockages, breaks, infractions, and different defects in the line. 

Specific hardware is required to explore the lines and ensure the dividers of the pipes are appropriately lit to get the clearest picture possible. It is also important to know the number of access points, as the more access points we have, the more complete the examination can be. When our video pipe inspection experts recognize a region of interest inside the pipe, they will mark the area digitally within the film footage and from the surface by using technology to find the camera which will be translated to the PACP report. In addition to the condition of the line, our technology allows us to measure diameter, elevation, and distance from a reference point of the various noted conditions within the pipe or line.

For What Reasons Do You Need CCTV Pipe Inspection? 

When your objective is to get a close view of what's inside drain lines, CCTV cameras are the right device. They are regularly used for the construction and development of the drainage system. Utilizing CCTV to recognize exact issues can be less expensive and more precise rather than exploratory digging. 

For sewer lines and drainage systems, a video pipe examination is regularly used to decide the feasibility of using the current system's sections. It will help in saving thousands of dollars for the project owner to find that they can reuse existing areas of the system rather than installing new ones.

There are times when sewer lines may get damaged and should be replaced. A CCTV pipe inspection will give data about the cracks, and locate faulty joints along the line that needs to be fixed. It can be feasible to fix the faulty joints instead of installing a whole new pipeline that will be costly and unnecessary.

What we can evaluate through our service:

· Pipe Grade and Depth

· Pipe Temperature Measuring

· Pipe Pressure Monitoring

· Sewer and Pipe Integrity

· Sewer and Utility Access Points

· Obstructions in Sewer or Pipelines

Why Choose Us Over Other Service Providers?

LoJac's specialists offer you industry-leading CCTV sewer and drain inspection services. From the initial step and recording of inside the pipeline to an exhaustive audit of the recording and proof of any issues found during the review, we give start to finish CCTV sewer and pipeline services. All our CCTV sewer and pipeline surveyors are PACP, MACP, and LACP certified through NASSCO’s extensive training in recognizing issues with underground sewage and pipelines. 

LoJac's CCTV pipe inspection services can assist you in evaluating manholes, lateral lines, and pipeline assessments. Let Our specialists assist you in identifying any issues for a wide range of sewer and utility lines. Call LoJac today to book a consultation and check whether our CCTV Pipe camera services are right for your next construction project.