In most cases, stormwater systems need an initial Notice of Termination inspection after construction is completed. Additionally, every stormwater system requires inspection on an annual basis to ensure that the system is well maintained, functions as designed, and meets regulations. With our experienced and qualified inspectors, LoJac can inspect, document, and review the overall status and required corrective or preventative actions for your entire stormwater system.

For Notice of Termination or annual inspections, LoJac can provide a certified inspector with the appropriate equipment and expertise to perform the inspection reliably, efficiently, and safely. Each stormwater system implementation — from above-ground bioretention systems and wet detention basins to manufactured underground systems and more — requires a specific inspection checklist. Our inspection services include:

  • Detailed program review

  • Annual certification

  • Pre-occupancy

  • Pre-notice of termination (NOT)

  • Ongoing stormwater maintenance is critical to the performance of every stormwater system. Without regular maintenance, the system will eventually fail due to buildup and structural issues, and routine upkeep can prevent costly rehabilitative and restorative repairs.

  • LoJac offers comprehensive maintenance and regular servicing solutions to ensure your stormwater systems operate correctly, extend the life of your investment, and avoid costly Notices of Violations.

  • Maintenance is typically the responsibility of the property owner, and whether the property has an aboveground or underground stormwater system, the objectives remain the same: ensuring the system meets requirements for water quantity (the volume of water stored in and leaving the site) and water quality (the chemical, biological, and physical composition).

  • Types Of Stormwater Maintenance

  • Aboveground SCM Maintenance

Aboveground SCMs (BMPs) can vary depending on the needs of the site, and each requires a different type of stormwater maintenance. With a proper understanding of the system on the site, a proactive maintenance plan for any aboveground system will include:

  • Inspection of all structures

  • Removal of trash and debris

  • Sediment control

  • Structural maintenance (stabilizing poor coverage and erosion)

  • Vegetation management (mowing grass, removing nuisance or invasive growth, managing beneficial species)

  • Underground SCM Maintenance

Underground SCMs are engineered to convey rainwater away from impervious surfaces of the site through a storm sewer system, which will require regular maintenance to ensure proper function. Common underground SCM maintenance plans include:

  • Inspection of sumps and structures

  • Sediment volume assessment

  • Removal of sediment, trash, and debris

  • Vacuuming and high-pressure jetting

  • Filter cartridge replacement

  • Documentation for any structural deficiencies or sinkholes