Clean fill is waste material, such as soil, generated by a construction project, which may be used for another purpose. To be counted as clean fill, the material cannot contain anything hazardous, such as chemicals, toxins, glass, or flammable liquids.

As a result of our numerous construction projects, LoJac has a large amount of space available for clean fill operations such as filing holes or leveling sites. Or, if your own clean fill operations have resulted in material which needs a place to go, LoJac can provide a safe and conveniently located site for your needs in the greater Nashville area.

Our Clean Fill Operations

LoJac offers comprehensive cleaning services using advanced technology like CCTV cameras. With our innovative technology, we help contractors and engineers follow environmentally sustainable practices for better living. Our clean fill services remove garbage from the construction sites. They collect the waste materials including cement, brick, sand, soil, to repurpose it further.

Our clean fill services help you remain clutter-free, organized and prevent injuries due to the accumulation of debris.

What is clean fill?

The clean fill services are highly beneficial for residential construction projects, as well as the civil job. Clean fill materials are certain kinds of waste materials that can be recycled for future use. If you wish to create an eco-friendly footprint, then our services will come in handy. 

What are the benefits of clean fill services?

There are multiple benefits of these services.

1 Reduce the chances of building collapse

Our professional services clean the dirt, which otherwise is a time-consuming process. Moreover, if your site is filled with dirt, the surface becomes uneven and if a structure is built on it, the structural integrity will be endangered or there are chances that the building might collapse.

2 Prevent accidents

If the site has a lot of dirt like pieces of glass, then there are chances of potential injuries to the workers.

3 Environment friendly

Another reason why to select our services is if you want to contribute towards the environment, these services come in handy. They are safe and free from any chemicals

Services that we offer

Our range of clean fill services includes regular maintenance of pipes, disposal of garbage, repurpose of waste, and safe storage of materials.

  • Regular maintenance of pipes

There are chances that people can throw anything in your drain pipe or demolition debris may even get stuck into your drainage pipe but with our latest CCTV camera technology, our agents can find it out easily. With our clean filling services and routine inspection services, you can prevent the water clogging issue. This preventive diagnosis can help you to reduce the maintenance bill, enhance the customer experience, and reduce the downtime caused due to clogged drain pipes. 

Once we complete this diagnosis process, our team will provide you with a report on the problem areas along and the video and recordings. After that, they will suggest specific drain repair solutions like pipe patching.

These clean fill services are well within your budget. 

  • Disposal of garbage

We have a team that offers comprehensive clean fill operations garbage collection service throughout Nashville, TN.  Once the garbage is collected, our agent will ensure that it is disposed of correctly. 

Even the construction sites may face a similar problem; hence we offer a comprehensive solution for them too.

We, at Lojac, believe in offering cost-effective waste disposal services; if you are interested, you can call us on 615-449-1415.